hits already
hits already

Aria is the one doing the „shh“ in the opening theme.

In one of the promotional pictures, Aria’s wearing a weird kind of accessory.

In this one, the murder weapon is showing in her direction, and again she’s doing the “sh”.
Furthermore look at the grapes on the table: the green ones are pointing at Hannas, Emilys and Spencers direction; the red ones are on Arias side.

Lucy recently posted that picture. Black feet in a circle. One of those are hers. Is this a clue, that she’s on the “A”-Team?

Lucy often makes rather weird signs or has her hands in a strange position during photoshoots. Don’t her hands look like an ‘A’?

They girls start getting messages from ‘A’, when Aria gets back from Iceland.

We don’t know anything about her relationship with Alison. I mean, Hanna was always made fun of because of her weight even though Alison was kind of a rolemodel for her. Spencer was a rival, she always fought with Ali. Emily was in love with her, they even shared a kiss and Ali said, Emily was her favourite. But what about Aria? 

Marlene King said, that she and the other writers knew who ‘A’ was from the beginning. Lucy Hale was the first one to cast as Aria. Or should I say as ‘A’?
(credit to: killerariaisa)

Look at the time on the radio. It’s 4.15 pm. Aria looks at her phone, acts a little suspicious and drives to a bar. When she gets there, it’s already 5.05 pm. The bar was at Hollis, so she wouldn’t have to drive very far, would she? What did she do the whole hour between dropping Mike off to practice and sitting in that bar? ‘A’-business maybe?

When the camera zooms to the poster of Alison, you can see the word “Hoodie” right next to it.

Maybe I’m too obsessive with the hints, but the ‘A’ written on the board is right above her head.

Hanna gets dragged into the police station because of the sunglasses she stole. As she waited there for her mum to finish the talk with Wilden, she gets an ‘A’ text. Later that evening, Aria comes over to Spencer and tells her about it.

Aria got a text, supposely from her mom as she says. But the look on her face suggests different. She looks scared and suspicious. And we never found out if the text truly came from her mom. I also think it’s weird, that her parents didn’t show up at Alis funeral.

This scene was shown twice. But why recreate a scene like that? Also Marlene King said, that ‘A’ would be seen in the Pilot and return in 3x01.

Did Alison want to know Arias secrets?
(credit to: killerariaisa)

Aria was drinking from a red cup before the girls fell asleep in the barn. When she wakes up, the cup is missing (as well as her stuffed animal, check the next post).
When Jason remembers something about ‘that’ night, he drinks from a random red cup, which was standing on his porch. Was that Arias? But what was she doing in Alisons backyard?
(credit to: killerariaisa)

I noticed something weird about the “pig”-thing. Arias hand puppet is laying on the chair in the shed, BEFORE Ali got missing. After the girls wake up and notice she’s gone, so is the pig.

Later, Ella and Byron are talking about the puppet and Ella mentions, how often Aria carried it with her.

Through the episodes, the pig is shown a couple times. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence, that the cupcakes Hanna had to eat in S01 were decorated as pigs.


How many phones does she have?

It’s also thinkable, that Aria suffers from some kind of personality disorder. She often appears looking into a mirror and/or at her own reflection; Byron mentioned that his brother has some kind of mental disorder, which could have been passed on to Aria.

Furthermore, an anonymous person told me that 
in classic film theory it is believed that we only see the character for who they are in their reflection as it is seen to be a window to the soul. Maybe this is why we see Aria in the mirror all the time.



One of the producers posted this picture recently on instagram. This girls looks a lot like Aria! Another hint to her multiple personality disorder?

Especially in recent episodes, it becomes more and more possible, that something is wrong with Aria. The chances of her having DID (or another mental disorder) are really high. Check out some of the symptoms:
(credit to: rosewooddetective)



Sleep disorders (nightmares):

Mood swings:

Panic attacks:

Notice the poster in the background? “Playwright”, sounds familiar, doesn’t it? A few episodes later, ‘A’ leads the girls to “Wrights Playground”.

Remember the lipstick scene? When Aria trashed her dads office, she used the same lipstick colour that was used on Spencers mirror. Also, the handwriting matches Arias.

A hidden confession, that she wrote that letter herself? She mentioned, that she was tired of keeping it a secret and wanted her mother to find out about her father’s affair. Maybe writing an anomynous letter seemed less trouble causing?

Aria just can’t let go of her cell, can she? The second, she tries to hide it under her arm, Hanna gets a message from ‘A’. How surprising!

Some ‘A’ messages were written with a typewriter. We know, that Ezra has one standing in his apartment, Aria has access to it.

The first message appears in 1x04, where Ella finds out about Byrons affair. Aria could have used the typewriter to send this message, cause she was too afraid to tell her mother about the affair herself.


Also Marlene King changed her twitter icon to a typewriter on a red background.

Aria is in Ezras apartment and a few frames where shown, one of them was a typewriter. Why show that, if it wasn’t important?

Why does Aria keep waiting at the lockers, while the other ones are walking to class?

Weird ‘A’ on the TV screen.
(credit to: childrenofagartha)

Aria is sad because of Ezra, she lays in bed as the girls walk in. Look at the conversation the girls have and then look at what she’s wearing: Black pants & Hoodie. Could be a clue.

Hanna refers to “The Bell Jar”, a book by Sylvia Plath. It’s about a successful girl who’s slipping into depression and becomes mentally ill. She even has to spend a lot of time in a mental institution. Could it be, that Aria went through something similar? Was/is she mental?

Aria was connected to snakes a couple times. Snakes resemble both good and evil. Another hint at her multiple personality?
(credit to: vengsgaard)  

The fortune teller doesn’t have good news for Spencer at prom. But while she thought it was about Toby & Emily, it could have been about Ezria, since the screen showed them.   

We have never once seen Aria skipping her classes til this point. And besides, where’d she wanna go? Certainly not to Ezra, since he’s teaching.

Aria knew where Ezra kept his spare key, so did she wanna make sure to have random access at all times?

Aria was the one throwing Tobys file in the river, so she could have gotten it back easily.

Hanna, Emily and Spencer are together talking about Toby, when Emilys phone rings. It’s a text from ‘A’. Or should I say Aria?

What was Jenna talking about? Could Aria have something to do with Alisons disappearance?

The girls are at Spencers, helping her learn some vocabulary. These words could refer to Arias character.

Emily is in the library, drowing in memories of Alison, when suddenly the lights go off and someone is throwing books at her. As if that wouldn’t be enough, that someone steals her bag and a letter she wrote to Ali. 

But who could have done that? Let’s look at who had opportunity:
Mona was with Hanna, Spencer and Lucas in the lockerroom. Ezra was looking for proteinbars with Ella. But where was Aria? We see her leaving upset after fighting with Ezra, but we don’t see where she’s headed. So she had a perfect opportunity to mess with Emily. Afterwards, she suddenly happens to be in the locker room. Seems fishy to me.

We see ‘A’ preparing an envelope with a video about Alison in it. He/she wrote “anonymous” as the source.. or was it actually a hint for us viewers to relate this to Aria?

Could be nothing, but when Aria and Ezra are arguing in class, the board is full with words beginning with an ‘A’.

PLL is all about dolls and somehow, Aria is always seen with dolls or sort of connected to them.


The Russian doll can be stapled into one another. This could also hint to the theory of Aria having multiple personalities.

Aria is sneaking into Ezras car. We all know she’s at “Camp Mona”, where everybody’s wearing hoodies. But it also be a clue, that she is ‘A’.

When visiting Hanna at the hospital, the girls were talking about ‘A’ having a split personality and right after that, the camera swings to Aria.

In the same episode, ‘A’ left a message on Hannas leg. This could have easily been Aria.

It’s difficult to see, but when Aria is playing the piano, it says “A Major” on the board behind her. A hidden clue?

Spencer and Alex are outside the school talking about an amazing opportunity for Alex to go to Sweden next summer. But he doesn’t wanna go and throws the flyer in the trash. Aria could have easily gotten his hands on it, since she was in school.

Later at Hannas party, Alex breaks up with Spencer, cause he thinks, she sent in his application anyway. But I think, Aria did it to hurt Spencer. She knew, Spencer and Alex were going to be at Hannas surprise party and she knew, Alex wouldn’t believe Spencer, if she said, that she didn’t go behind his back.

Being there for Spencer was the perfect excuse for her real agenda: to steal the money that Ashley was hiding in her kitchen. And to rub it into Hannas face.

Spencer and Aria are talking at Hannas Welcome Home Party. Their conversation could refer to the 4 girls themselves and Aria trying to destroy them one by one.

Aria always shows up, when the girls receive a text from ‘A’.

'A' tortures Hanna by making her eat cupcakes in public, knowing that Hanna had issues with an eating disorder. And who suddenly shows up? Aria!

She even follows her into the bathroom. Did she wanna make sure, she found the money she stole from her? Hanna certainly was faced with an ugly memory.

Is Aria wearing an “A” necklace actually a clue?

Noel threatened Aria and Ezra to expose them, ‘A’ planted evidence on Noel for stealing exams answers and saved Aria’s relationship. Aria could have done that herself.

Aria might indirectly confess, that she was involved in Hannas car accident.

Do Arias multiple personalities come with multiple handwritings?

Aria is often seen with her phone, but we never see, who she’s texting. Doing some ‘A’-business maybe?

So this is about to get very interesting. I’ve come across this post on tumblr and I don’t know what to think of it: Either this was just a “mistake” the writers did not notice. Sometimes, when the audience is supposed to see a “full written diary” or something, the producers just “create” sentences, so the diary would look full. The second option is that Aria really is part of the ‘A’ Team and knows a lot of stuff before it actually happens. So look at that:

Aria finds out Hanna gave her mom the ticket to the art exhibit that she was going to with Ezra. Aria is extremely mad and goes home to write it all down in her diary.

She writes in her diary:

"a patio table Hanna, the man’s I.D. checked out. It checked out because there was a James Leland related to Mrs. Potter, but this isn’t him. This is somebody else. If I tell the state people some story about the man being an imposter it’ll just draw attention which we do not ___ have to do something __ to __ her trouble"

There’s more but I can’t read it because gets blurry and her hand in covering most, but it looks like she is rewriting it over and over angrily. 

There are two very odd things about this:

1. Aria writes this in her diary in S01E16. James Leland doesn’t show up until S01E17. How in the world would Aria know about him before he showed his face at Ashley’s bank? Aria never even had mentioned knowing anything about Mrs. Potter, let alone her nephew. In fact, keeping that a secret was what ‘A’ had on Ashley that she used to blackmail her with to get her to give Ella the ticket to the art exhibit. Suspicious.

2. If you look at the wording Aria uses in the diary entry and then watch the scene in S01E17 when Hanna discusses James Leland to Ashley on their porch, you will notice the wording is exactly the same. Word for word. I really don’t know what to make of it… but Aria wrote the script for that scene.

Sometimes I waiver on my feelings about Aria being ‘A’  but I am just completely at a loss as to how this could be explained UNLESS Aria is ‘A’  She not only predicted the future… she wrote it.

(credit to: analyzinga & missaria311) 

Does she mean herself?

Hanna let Caleb sleep in her basement, since he had nowhere to go. She only told the girls, where he lives now. So it could have been Aria, who called the man to “clean” Hannas basement.

The quote on Mrs. Potters grave is from Shakespeare. Aria mentions later, that she’s been reading Shakespeare in class.

Aria is marking the ground with some masking tape, as Ezra walks in. He mentions, that she’s up early. Did she get there so soon, cause she planted that fake trophy in the box with the preps? As it turns out, the trophy doesn’t have human blood on it – it comes from a rat. At the end of the episode, we see some rat cages, which are marked with masking tape.
(credit to: lolitaria.tumblr)

1x18 was called “The Badass Seed”. What a coincidence, Aria literally says “badass” in that episode. Is she referring to herself?

No wonder you’re the best liar of them all.

The police searched Spencers house for evidence. She tells the girls, that they could be searched, too. Aria looks immediately scared. We’re supposed to believe, it’s because of the stuff in her room, that might link her to Ezra. But maybe she’s afraid, someone will find things that can prove, she’s ‘A’.

Don’t worry dear, you’re allowed to.

Yeah, because she’s ‘A’ and alreadys knows everything, Ella.

Well, Mike, you are surely right about that. Aria breathes lies.

I am pretty sure Arias choice of clothing has to mean something. She always wears things that could relate to her being on the “A”-team, like mixing red & black together:

Aria nods to someone in the distant, glances at her phone and BOOM! The four girls get a text from A.

Aria asks what the name of Melissas & Ians baby is and as Spencers says “Taylor”, she gets a text, supposedly from Ian. But Aria could have been the one getting the name to another A Team member, maybe by turning on her phone with A on the other line, listening to the conversation. Afterwards, he/she could have replied to Spencer.

Says it all.

2x03 is called “My Name Is Trouble”. Ironically, Aria is the only one in this episode who gets asked about her name, when she takes the art course with Jenna.
(credit to: 

Ezra and Aria are talking about Jenna and Aria is reacting very weird to Ezras questions. Could this mean, that Aria and Jenna are somehow working together?

Emily writes a fake Danby letter and tells Aria & Hanna. Later, she makes up her mind and destroys it. But somehow, her mum actually got the fake letter. “A” rewrote it, so Emily could stay in Rosewood. Aria knew about the letter, so she could have told another A Team member to fake another one and send it to Emilys mother.
Her shirt also looks very fitting to the theme.

Jason calls Aria “unexpected” and so does Wesley. Right after Wesley said that, Aria looks really guilty and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that you can see the typewriter in the background. 

And again, Aria just happens to know all the little details about things, that haven’t even happened yet.

It’s very suspicious how the camera turned directly to Aria, after Hanna said this:

The girls were just looking at Ians suicide note a couple minutes ago, so it could have been Aria, who sent Emily that text.

The girls are on stage, paying a tribute to Alison. Photos are shown, nice music is playing.. until all of the sudden the music changes and the whole fashion show is a disaster! 

Now watch Arias hands while all of that is happening: right before the heavy metal music starts to play, Aria changes her handposition. Did she gave someone a sign to start the whole thing?

After the fashion show, Noel wants to give Aria the CD with the pictures of Ali they showed. Why would he assume it was hers? Spencer was the one giving it to him.

And notice how Aria slighty nods directly at Noel with a hint of a smile? Like she was giving him a sign.

Is that a hint towards Aria? Is she playing a game with everyone?

Aria shows Emily a page from a magazine, a few episodes later after the fashion show, we can see “A” at a laptop ordering some shoes. On the desk you can see the exact same page.

Whenever the girls are talking about “A”, the camera swings to Aria, who’s always looking kinda guilty and suspicious.

Is it possible that Aria had something to do with Emilys paincreme? She kinda rubbed the whole coffee thing into her face.

And could it also be, that Aria took the page out of Alis file? I mean, she was in the morgue with Spencer reading it. Later, Emily & Spencer talk about it while Aria is meeting up with Ezra.
Suddenly she needs to go home, but we never actually see her leaving. Spencer finally notices, that page 5 is missing from Alis file and we see ‘A’ hiding under a blanket in the morgue. Could that have been Aria?

What’s with the secret messages in the songs used for the episodes? Do they mean anything?

These pictures of Aria were found in Jasons darkroom. He said, Ali took those pictures. And we all knew Alison tried to spy on “A”. Could this mean, she figured out, Aria was “A”?

Notice the poster behind Emily? The “A” between two instruments? We know that Aria plays keyboard.

Emily meets the rest of the girls at Dr. Sullivans office to talk about “A”. Dr. Sullivan asks a question and the camera immediately focus’ on Aria.

Aria and Spencer are waiting for Emily at Hannas Dads wedding. We can see Aria writing a text, but we don’t know who she’s sending it to. A few seconds later, Hanna gets a text from “A”.

After forcing her to tell Isabel about her dad hooking up with her mum, Hanna immediately gets another “A”-message. How could Mona (currently known “A”-Team member) be that punctual at pushing “send”? Aria on the other hand could have done that easily. 

I wonder if the twin story Alison told could have been about Aria. The girls’ kitchen quite resembles Arias’.


When the liars walk by that old, creepy house, Aria immediately gets a bad vibe from it.



Byron is looking at a photo album and we see a picture with 2 girls in it, which look a lot alike.

I noticed that Aria has a lot of butterflies in her room. So I thought to look up some meanings of butterflies and here’s what I found:

- As butterflies can often be found hovering about milk pails or butter churns, they have become associated with witches trying to steal the cream
- The people […] see these butterflies as the returning souls of the deceased
- The butterfly stands for […] everlasting knowledge
- First of all the butterfly symbolizes new life from and old one. Seeing that the colour black is a strong yet subtle colour, the black butterfly symbolizes the new strong but subtle life after a period of transformation
- There is a Native American legend that says: “If you have a secret wish, capture a butterfly and whisper your wish to it. Since butterflies cannot speak, your secret is ever safe in their keeping”

Why do Ali & Aria wear the same shirt?
And look at the tags Andy Reaser chose when posting a photo of “Alison Dilaurentis”: Montgomery, sisters, evil? What could this mean?

They also use the same place, when it comes to hiding things.

I don’t think that it’s a coincidence, that Aria wore a witch costume at Halloween. It’s also completely in black, could this be a hint that she’s on the “A”-Team?

Who’s in the background, when Alison says that? Right, Aria.

Green peppers? Coincidence? I think not.

Spencer, Aria, Emily and Caleb have a ‘secret’ meeting to work on ‘A’’s phone. Hanna’s not with them, since she’s not okay with Caleb being involved. When Hanna calls Spencer to hang out, Spencer lies about being with her family and just as she was about to hang up, Emily trashes a glass. Wouldn’t be bad, if Aria hadn’t scream ‘Emily!’ really loud.
Did she want Hanna to know, they were lying to her? Did she want Hanna to be mad and make Caleb stop working on ‘A’’s phone, so she’d be safe?
(credit to: anonymous)


Aria wants to make a phone call as “Vivian”. Does the conversation with Emily below hint at her multiple personality disorder? Does she have an alter ego pretending to be “Vivian”?

Ezra wants to take Aria out for dinner at “Chez Mirabelle”. They were talking on the phone while setting the date and later Byrons gets a text from “A” telling him, where Aria is going to be that night. Unless “A” has little spying bugs and recording devices EVERYWHERE, Aria could have written that message herself, since she decides to meet with Holden anyway.

Aria texted Ezra, that she can’t make it tonight. But why does it say “Unknown Caller”? Doesn’t Ezra have his own girlfriends phone number? Or did she write from another phone, possibly her “A”-Phone? Also, take a look at Ezras phone background. A Typewriter! Coincidence?

Aria finally confesses, that she’s still seeing Ezra. Spencer’s shocked because of Arias great acting at being heartbroken. Guess, pretending to be someone else comes with having multiple personalities, right Aria? 

Aria is pointed out to be the best liar of them all.

Aria confesses to Hannas mum, that she’s “A”. It’s supposed to be a lie, a made up story, but what if this actually was a hint?

Jonah found out, that Alison was getting texts from several numbers. Could it be, that Arias was one of them? Is she the real ‘A’?

Aria was the last person (we know of) to have Vivians (Alisons) red coat, after she took it out of her car telling the other girls, she had to get “HER” coat, because she was freezing. Why would she say “MY COAT”, after all, it was Alisons and not hers, right? 

Furthermore, at the end of season 2, a person in a red coat visits Mona at Radley. It could have been Aria.

Did Duncan mean, that Aria was the one writing journals or that she kept the ones of Alison?

Duncan tells Aria about Alison being afraid of something. When she asks, who she was afraid of, he gives her a very strong look. Next second, Aria loses control of the plane.

Did Alison gave us an actual hint at Aria being ‘A’?

Alison says, she’s glad that the girls are keep looking for clues to find her, so shouldn’t it be a good thing, that he talked too Aria? Or is it dangerous?
(credit to: anonymous)

Aria and Ella have an argument, because Aria found out, that her parents thought of sending her to boarding school. She threatens her to tell the dean about Byron having an affair with one of his students. Stuff, that “A” would do, right?

What about the weird Toffee Tango thing?

You’re right about that Spencer.

Aria is talking to someone at the masquerade ball, we can’t see. She’s also holding her phone the whole time and looks around. Kinda suspicious.

The writers said, that “A” would be unmasked in 2x25.

Notice, how quickly she said, she’d know a short cut to Look Out Point after finding out, that Mona’s “A” and she had taken Spencer?

Black Swan anyone? Marlene King tweeted, that Arias dress has a very important meaning. Besides, I don’t think that her striped clothes are just a fashion statement. 


But Arias dress could not only refer to the Black Swan, but to the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland as well. Also take a look at the leather gloves. “A” much?


This could also be a hint, that she has something to do with it.


Arias outfit at the ball not only looks like the poster from the Black Swan but it also resembles the Cluedo character Miss Scarlet. Miss Scarlett is known to be a brunette with whom all the gentlemen are quite smitten, which can relate to Aria quite well eg. Ezra, Jason, Noel etc. Miss Scarlett is also known to keep secrets from her friends and will backstab them at anytime, could this relate to Aria?

Look at Arias doll. She’s dressed in very dark clothes, kinda sporty, very different than usually.
Also take a look at which direction Alisons doll is pointing. Is that a sign towards Aria being “A”?
(credit to: anonymous)

When the girls find Emily in the middle of the night at Alis open grave, Spencer checks Emilys phone to see if she got any calls or texts. The odd things is, that is shows a call from Spencers phone. While they’re thinking, “A” broke into the house while the liars were asleep, it is very possible for Aria to be involved in that. Since she slept near the others anyway, it would have been fairly easy to get Spencers phone.

Seconds after showing these words written on the board, the camera is turning to Aria.

The song Aria is playing with Jenna is the same one Mona’s singing in her bed at Radleys while holding the “Queen of Hearts” card.

Even Jenna noticed, that somehow never anything really bad happens to Aria. Or if something bad happens, it turns out benefitting her in the end.

Why would Jenna ask a question like that? And why didn’t Aria tell her “No, I don’t have anything to do with it.” She just remains silent.

Who likes to drink Alcohol with a straw? Right, Aria.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there were playing cards everywhere at the Brew, when Jenna was having her birthday party. See the ace card in the background? Could this mean, that Aria is head “A”? I also think it’s weird that she’s wearing a heart patterned dress.

What is this supposed to mean? These cards that have been floating around lately have to mean something! And Aria is always seen with them.

When Hanna and Aria went to Radley to visit Mona at night, Mona kept saying “Miss Aria, you’re a killer, not Ezras wife.” Turns out, it was a code: MAYA KNEW.

Question is: what did Maya know? Did she have proof that Aria was somehow involved in Alis murder or even someone elses?

Back at Arias place, the girls try to figure out what Monas poems mean. But conveniently Aria only talks about the Garrett/Maya poem. Did she leave the “killer”-part out, because it is somehow true?

I took a closer looks at the books in Arias room and they seem to have plots about death, mysteries and insanity. It that a clue?

Hanna gets a text from ‘A’ to meet up at the Grill. But she tells her mom, she has plans with Aria. Another hint, that Aria might be ‘A’?
(credit to: 

Aria tries to find Maggie and introduces herself to her as “Amy”. A ME, A=ME.

Aria had to lie to Emily to get her to Spencers house.

The girls decided to dress up as a movie character for Halloween.

But later, Aria shows up as a book character. Why the hell would she do that? They all decided to be someone from a movie. Again, Aria is in a way seperated and different from the girls.

I also did some research about her costume, Daisy Buchanan.

Daisy is The Great Gatsby’s most enigmatic, and perhaps most disappointing, character. Although Fitzgerald does much to make her a character worthy of Gatsby’s unlimited devotion, in the end she reveals herself for what she really is. Despite herbeauty and charm, Daisy is merely a selfish, shallow, and in fact, hurtful, woman. Gatsby loves her (or at least the idea of her) with such vitality and determination that readers would like, in many senses, to see her be worthy of his devotion. Although Fitzgerald carefully builds Daisy’s character with associations of light, purity, and innocence, when all is said and done, she is the opposite from what she presents herself to be.

Adam Lambert wants to know her name, but the train is too loud, so Aria has to write it on the windows. Why would the writers create a scene like that, if it wouldn’t have a significant meaning? And the last “A” looks just like “A”’s signature,

So now you’d say: Aria can’t be “A”, she was locked up in a box and almost got killed. But what if that was a plan. The “A”-Team could have planned this all along to make Aria look like the victim. And if we trust Garrett & Melissa, they could have been involved just to make sure to protect to Spencer and the others from Aria.

Is that why Garrett was always watching them? Did he know about Aria?

Is Melissa telling the truth? I mean, she did admit, that she did not know about Spencer until she was on the halloween train. But does that mean, she knew about Aria? Was it her plan all along to get rid of her, cause she knew Aria was “A”?

There’s just something really weird about this Mona/Aria scene. Aria looks like a boss whose minion got out of control. Maybe something went wrong on the Halloween train.

Mona posted a video online, saying how sorry she was. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see all of it. But the Mona twitter posted a link to watch the full video.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Doing this was your idea remember? Look, if you’re starting to have second thoughts, back out now. Either we’re in this together or we’re not. So, what’s it gonna be, friend?
Nothing to directly peg Aria, but the Mona twitter featured: “Worried Aria Never Talks” and “Dear Ezra Not Only Fathers Live In Extra Secrecy”.

Look at the blackboard.

So we all know that the producers put in clues about the show in the background. The students are studying the 1949 classic Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. Its about a society being dictated by one person called “Big Brother”. They have to follow his rules or else they suffer. 

This sounds very similar to the “A” Team. Ultimately there is a head “A” who rules everyone else and dictates the girls life. Like the book, if they girls don’t do what “A” says, they suffer. This could be a major clue to Aria being the head “A”. Remember when Mona calls Aria, Big “A”? Notice the resemblance?
Big “A” & Big Brother.

Nice lamp Aria. Do you share livingroom decorating ideas with Toby? Cause he has a photo of that lamp in his drawer.

That’s a quote from Games of Thrones,  “A Song of ice and fire” by Arya Stark. Arya = Aria.

Notice how Ali looks down on Aria, like she’s talking about her?

Weird “A” on the teapot.

Picked her for what?!

Another hint at the multiple personalities theory?

Why aren’t you? What’s there to be prepared for? Just tell them already, unless you don’t wanna reveal, that you’re “A”.

Spencer gets a text from Aria, saying that Ezra broke up with her. Later on, it turns out, “A” was the one who sent the text from Arias phone. But how could “A” do that? Aria had her phone with her all time, didn’t she? I think, the text did in fact came from her, she just made that “A” thing up on purpose.

Okay, two things:
Arias doll is wearing a red shirt. (Red is the new Black) and notice how she’s standing a little bit lower than the other liars? Like she’s in a different position. Maybe this is a hint towards her being on the “A”-Team.

Hanna suggest that she and Aria should get rid of the things they put in Alisons casket. But Aria refuses to give her the earrings. Why would she wanna hold on to them? For what purpose?

Emily remembers something about the night she was taken to Alisons grave. The person digging up the grave has brown hair. You can see some of it under the Hoodie. It could be Melissa or Mona. My money’s on Aria.

Aria has been cheating twice on Ezra (once with Jason & once with Wesley) til now and yet she has never been busted by “A”? Isn’t cheating something, “A” attracts magically? Either the “A”-Team wants to spare Aria or she is “A” herself.

It may be nothing, but I think it’s weird, that there’s an “A” to be seen on the camera when Aria is taking pictures.

Maybe the “A”-Team or even Aria herself did turn the bottle around, so she’s saved.

Wow Aria, that’s a really accurate description of what actually happened. I wonder how you’d know that?

Spencer gets locked up in her shower, gets a text from “A” via mirror and who shows up to save her? Aria! What a coincidence!

Spencer finally wants to tell the truth about “A”, but look how scared Aria looks. Afraid and suspicious. Like she’s thinking “She can’t know it’s me, it’s impossible, she can’t know I’m A.”

The name of the train station, when Aria & Malcom are playing, is “Greenville.” There is a town called like that in South Carolina (and so is Hilton Head) and also in New Jersey (where we find Cape May).
Both locations were visited by Alison. Does that connect Aria even more to Alison? Did she follow her there?
(credit to: allrosycountonme)

Even Maggie and her 7-year-old son could figure that out.

Right, Aria. If this your version of events, then something is seriously wrong with you. I don’t think Emily meant by “helping” to just stand by while your friend is drowing a cops car…
(credit to: lock-it-in-your-pocket)

Is Toby really dead? While Emily thinks, “A” killed him because he was gonna help the liars, Aria comes up immediately with a much better conclusion. Damn girl, you’re so smart.

Why would Aria send Emily & Hanna a text saying that Spencer was not at the bookstore, while she was in fact sitting on Ezras couch instead of looking for Spencer? Yeah that’s right, cause she’s sketchy as hell!

I just thought it was really weird how Aria said that to Emily. Like she was clearing something up, giving her answers or something.

Aria is also connected to a certain “circle theme”, which also links her to Mona. Could the circle symbolise the “A”-team?

Why did she text Hanna, if the girls cleary agreed to text Emily, if Aria sees anyone?

Aria didn’t see “Red Coat” herself, she saw her in a mirror. This could also be a hint at her MPD.

Maybe I am reading too much into this, but still…cARnIvAle.

When Aria is called out by the principal, she goes to his office and gets really nervous because she thinks, she’s in trouble because of her relationship with Ezra. She can barely hold it together, you might even call it paranoid. She looks nervously at the clock: it’s 09.20 AM.

After going into her principals office, he shows her the pictures sent by an anonymous person, which show her and Ezra laying in bed. These photos reminded a lot of the ones Jason developed back in Seaons 2.

The principal tells Aria, that Ezra is getting arrested for being with her and as she runs out of his office, you can see the office number: 209

It’s the second times these numbers show up. First on the clock and now it’s the office number. Remember when the numbers in Spencers shower were a reference to an certain episode? I think, the writers did that again. In Season 2, Episode 9, Aria had a dream about being with Jason. At first it appeared to be real, it was created like a real scenario without any blur figures and it was nothing like the way the writers use to show flashbacks. So why use that kind of style? Again? Furthermore, in S02E09, Jason showed Aria the photos that Ali (supposely) took of her. So again, the picture reference. Besides, even if Aria was just “dreaming” or imagining things, why would she think someone took pictures of her and Ezra? Or do they really exist and she knows about them? The whole scene was kind of suspicious.
(credit to: bllpll) 

Those gloves the mystery woman in black was wearing reminded me a lot of the ones, Aria wore at the masquerade ball in Season 2, when she was dressed as the black swan.

When Monas files are getting deleted, her computer screen fills up with kisses. Looks like Aria was inspired to buy a fashion item with the exact same design. (credit to: stormborntargaryens)

When Mona wants to show the RV, she realizes it was stolen, but the girls don’t believe her. Spencer & Hanna go first in the car and as Emily wants to too, Aria stops her to watch Mona. Next second, Mona gets attacked in her car by a masked person. Isn’t this weird? Like Aria knew, something was gonna happen.

If Jake only knew, she’s already in one called the ‘A Team’.

It is really suspicious, that Aria shows up right after Spencer says this to Toby:

Aria was at Spencers, so maybe she left Hanna & Spencer alone for sometime and meanwhile let the bird out of its cage.

The song ‘A’ was listening to at the end of the episode reminds me a little of the way Aria said the thing about Wildens death.

When Spencer and Melissa talked at the Brew, Melissa was suggesting that they both should skip town and move to another city, probably because of everything that’s going on. Even though I don’t trust Melissa, let’s just pretend, she did try to warn Spencer cause she is worried about her and as she said “has been protecting her since it started”. Did she look straight to the girls at the table, cause she meant Aria? Does she know something, like Aria being on the ‘A’ team?

Really Aria? Weird thing to say at your first date.

The movie that was playing during Aria’s scene with Jake is about a lady who has split personalities. Also, in the black and white movie it showed the lady scratching her knee rapidly and later in the episode Aria is seen scratching her knee rapidly on Emily’s bed.
(credit to: omgpurfect)

The text Aria got from ‘A’ was strange. “Dig we must”? Sounds more like an order or a plan a team has to figure out. And Aria didn’t look afraid or scared. Is she really on the ‘A’ Team?

Emily lied to her mother about taking her meds. Arias response to that was quite chilled. Reminds me of the episode where Emily said to Aria: “When did it become so easy for you to lie to your friends?”

The way Aria just grabbed that hammer seemed a little bit overprotected and exxagerated.

Emily sends Aria a text, telling her about ‘A’ targeting her mother and getting her in trouble. Aria just sits there and does not reply. Either, she is a shitty friend or she is involved in this plan. That’s why she immediately talked to her mum about Zach, encouraging her to go to Vienna with him. So nobody would target her mum.

When someone called Family Service about the Fields, it could have easily been Aria, cause she witnessed Pam grabbing Emily at school.

If Marlene refers to Aria, I am really exited for the halloween episode.

Dr. Palmer kept telling Toby something about “the heaviness of air”. Air is a synonym/symbol for the name “Aria”. And what about the blonde girl, Dr. Palmer mentioned? Could it have been Aria with a blonde wig, pretending to be Alison?

I’ve noticed something, which I can’t really explain or add a meaning to, but here it is: it’s quite salient that the writers were trying to symbolize a specific letter arrangement. See yourself:

A - is for Aria
B - is for the bee in the car
C - is on Arias folder
D - is at the back of Ellas car
E - is for Ella 

The “Bee-theme” was really significant in that episode. When Spencer found that old room, which Alison had some phone connection to, a song called "You know the bee is near" is playing. Aria is the one Spencer calls first to tell her what she found.

Look at the colours of her top: yellow & black. “Bee” much?

I also thought it was strange, how Aria led Hanna indirectly to the gun that killed Wilden. Hanna was looking for her mothers muddy shoes, Aria suggest to look inside her closet, which was - suprisingly - locked. After “breaking in” Hanna finds the gun. Pretty inconvient for her mum.
Hanna decides to take it and pay Spencer & Emily a visit to the sorority house. When Spencer calls Aria to fill her in, she is suprised that Hanna went there.

I think, Aria knew exactly that Hanna would do something spontanious and stupid like taking the gun and trying to get rid of it. Unfortunately, Hanna was caught by the police. ‘A’ busted her. And maybe the “friendly tip” actually came from a really good friend: Aria.

To round up the bee theme: ‘A’ pours honey in her/his tea at the end of the episode. Who happens to like drinking tea? Aria!

Mikes and Arias hands combined look kind of like an ‘A’  I don’t think it’s a coincidence the camera focused on their hands.

Didn’t you find it suspicious when Aria and Spencer were at the brew and Aria kept looking around? Did she think someone was watching her or why the hell would she do that?

It’s cleary noticeable, that Arias clothes have to mean something. She has never worn more hidden messages on her clothes than now. Like this sweater. Could it tell us, that it only seems like Aria is one of the good ones?

Notice the fruit on the table? 2 green (I suppose) apples & a red one. It quite resembles the liars in the kitchen. And red is the new black, so… could it be a hint towards Aria being different and not be that innocent as we think?
(credit to: missevilaria)

When the liars crashed Wildens apartment, they didn’t find any clues until Aria notices a box under a table. Like always, she finds things or gets Spencer, Emily & Hanna to find them. As if she has known about those things before.

What also seemed weird in that situation is the following: the phone rings and Aria really considers to pick up. I mean, come on, Aria, you don’t really wanna answer a dead guy’s phone. Next second we see ‘A’ spying on the liars. Then, Aria goes into the bedroom, which leaves Spencer & Emily alone in the kitchen/living room. What if that phone call was actually a sign from ‘A’ for Aria, so she would go into the bedroom. ‘A’ could have easily now taken pictures of Spencer & Emily standing in Wildens apartment and left Aria completely in the clear.
(credit to: hailey-loves-lovely-stuff)

Look at her bookcover. Kisses, -A?

Aria invited Jake over, cause she was worried about Mike. But her brother wouldn’t tell her anything about his trouble, so she lets her ‘A’-face do the talking.

When she and Jake are watching TV, a few interesting frames show up. A plane, a bee, a train, someone drinking tea, a woman in a coat somewhere dark. Like, seriously, could you make it any more obvious?

Aria took a picture of Emily & Paige once and framed it for Emily’s birthday as a gift. It is very hard to notice, but you can see the exact same picture in ‘A’’s lair in Ravenswood. Proof, that Aria is really in on this?
(credit to: anchoredinfinitely)

When Jake asked about her complicated life, she mentioned having a long history with Mona (‘A’ Team member) and Jenna (possible ‘A’ Team member). Does she mean them working together?

The way ‘A’ spilled that wine at the end of the episode kinda reminded me of the scene, when Aria & Wes accidentally spilled wine over CeCes carpet. Is this a hint towards Aria being ‘A’It was also the same wine bottle that was used back then.

We see ‘A’ playing piano. There are a few persons who can play that instrument. Aria is one of them.

Well honey, I am sure nobody trusts you either.

When Toby gets that piano piece from ‘A’ & ‘A’ mentions to go for the lion. Aria means lioness in hebrew.

When he and Spencer visit Dr. Palmer to ask him about this paper, he just mentions, that the likes to talk about music, opera in particular. An aria is also a solo performed by a leading character in an opera. Notice, how Aria is often leading the girls?

4x10 was called “The mirror has three faces”. Usually it’s Aria, who’s always looking into mirrors, but this episode it was just the liars. Aria was left out.

Did Norman mean the scene, where Wren asked Mona to look at the picture of a dark haired woman in a coat (which he later paints red)? Cause, if you look closely, you can read the word “ARIA” next to the picture! Proof, that Aria is involved with Red Coat?

The picture Wren holds in his hands shows a family which resembles Arias. Also, the woman in the red coat looks just like her. A clue, that she’s on the ‘A’-Team?

And I don’t think it’s coincidence, that the family is seen at a farm with lots of animals. Aria is linked to a pig throughout the entire seasons (remember her stuffed animal pig, the cupcakes, the one in Wildens trunk…)
Furthermore, 4x11 is placed in a barn.

Yeah, like what? Getting ready for the dance which is in about 10 hours?

Why did Aria reject Jakes offer to help? She know how desperately Hannas mum needs a new lawyer!

Is she talking about Ezra? Or does she actually mean her other life being ‘A’?

Her shoe looks just like the one Red Coat likes to wear.

You can see cleary an ‘A’ besides her head.

Lucy Hale tweeted that after the most recent episode. What does she mean with “close”? Is this a hint towards being close her?

I know, the leaked promos for the halloween episode have multiple names mentioned like MonA, JennA, EzrA & ShaunA. But there must be a reason why they also chose AriA. Why would any of the liars have something to do with whats happening on Halloween? I think it’s a clue!

The girls get magic 8 balls from “A”. Each one has a message. Except for Arias: she only got the “A” signature. Obviously.

Even Spencer thinks thats weird, when she takes a second look at Arias 8 ball.

I don’t know what to think of it, maybe it is just a production error, but when Aria read the ‘A’-message out loud, she says “wins” instead of “won”. Could this mean, she already knew what the text was about?

While the girls are trying to find out, where “A” would want them to go, Aria and Emily are searching for anything costume shop/magic related in Rosewood. Until Aria suggests to click a link that leads to a magic show in Ravenswood. As usually, she is the one who finds and notices all that stuff, that takes the girls a step in the right direction.

In the movie, Aria and Jake were watching, the people asked about a dangerous girl named Lucy. Could that refer to Lucy Hale?

While Haleb, Paily & Spoby are watching out, worrying about Mona and “A”, trying to stay strong in all this mess, Aria is the one who’s out having fun with Ezra, like she doesn’t have a care in the world.

While the girls were watching Aria, “A” took Emily without them noticing. 

The girls arrive at the magic show in Ravenswood and the clown asks Aria (what a coincidence) to perform a trick with him. He makes her disappear in a box and then reappear seconds after. That trick fits perfectly the episode’s title: “Now you see me, now you don’t.”

They way Aria wanted Spencer to take her place in that magic show reminded me of the thing that was written on the board: “Don’t do it to me, do it to somebody else…”

'A' has the same coaster in his/her lair like Aria. It's a little souvenir from her date with Ezra. Besides, how could 'A' have gotten that picture of Byron & Ella in Iceland?

When talking to Mrs. Grunwald, they girls find out that Alison is still alive. Hanna wonders why she doesn’t wanna be found or tells them. After all, they’re her best friends. But Mrs. Grunwald isn’t so sure whether they can be trusted or not. But why wouldn’t Alison trust her 4 best friends? Does she know about one of them being on the A-Team? Aria perhaps?

Well, Aria knows all about that, doesn’t she?

Dangerous because of Aria?

Everyone is „behind bars“ except for Aria. The producers wouldn’t do something like that, if it wouldn’t mean something.

The girls are ready to find Alison, when Ezra calls. Spencer warns Aria about telling him where they are, but Aria ignores it and gives him exact information on their where-abouts.

The girls find a tunnel and try to find a way through it, when it suddenly gets crazy windy. They hold onto each others hands and lean towards a wall. When the wind stops, the girls notice, that Hanna disappeared. Instead, there’s a statue standing in her place. But Aria held onto her the whole time, right? Wouldn’t you notice if your friends hand would be replaces by a statue?

Aria and Emily are trying to find a way out of the haunted house, when they find an open window. Emily is almost ready to jump, when they get distracted by a girls scream. Right after, the windows glass breaks. Did Aria want Emily to climb down first on purpose?

Again, a very suspicious camera angle. Why is Aria separated from the girls?

The liars are back at Rosewood, standing in Spencers backyard. Suddenly, Alison appears in front of them, but she needs a minute before she turns around. Why did she wait and didn’t turn around immediately? Was she ‘preparing’ herself to not look afraid and suspicious of Aria?

Let’s take a look at what Alison said to Hanna at the hospital. Is she referring to Aria? Did she tell her something that got her in a dangerous situation?
Besides, look at the evil look Aria gives Hanna. Is she angry, that Alison gave Hanna a cryptic hint, which she can’t understand?

The way Alison made the „sh“ reminded me a lot of Aria in the intro for PLL. Is that a hint towards her being the dangerous person, Alison is afraid of?

I don’t know, maybe cause you freakin’ hate her?

Notice the poster behind Aria? Is this a warning? Should somebody stop her?

Ezra doesn’t see hisself spending much more time in Rosewood and Aria somehow thinks like that of herself too. Question is: why? She never once said anything about moving or traveling. Or does she mean something else, maybe something connected to Alison?

A hint at her MPD?

Ezra gave Aria the key to his cabin. At the end of the episode we see ‘A’ sneak into that place. Could that have been Aria? I highly doubt Ezra would have to go there in disguise, right?

This scene reminds me of Alison, disguised as Vivian Darkbloom in her red coat, watching out the window. Another connection between Aria & Red Coat?

Aria said she was just returning a pen, but in reality she left a note for Ezra. Very classy fooling your friends all the time, Aria.

Alisons diary said something about the “Busy Bee”. In one of the previous episodes, Aria connected to bees a lot.
Furthermore, why would Alison hide in a place, where Aria used to go? It reminds of the Lost Woods Resort, where Alison stayed to spy on ‘A’ (Mona). Did she try to spy on Aria as well?

See that quote on the blackboard? It’s from Jekyll & Hide. Split personality much?

When being in the car, Aria kept quite an close eye on Spencer while she was looking through Alis journal. What could Aria be afraid of Spencer would find?

Alison wrote about Aria in her diary. She named her “Suzy”. 
Girl, Interrupted is book/movie about a girl named Suzanna aka Suzy who is sent to a psychiatric hospital and diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.
Another connection between Aria and mental disorders/personality disorders?
(credit to: berryhastings)

What a surprise that Arias phone shows different directions than Emilys car. And somehow the end up being 5 minutes away from Ezras cabin, when Emilys car broke down. Not suspicious at all.

When Spencer & Emily are talking about Hanna and that she might keep something from them, Aria gets really nervous and tries to change the subject real quick. Guilty conscience?

Since the theme this season is the girls keeping more and more secrets from each other, it seems really odd to me, that Aria was the one making that connection. She wasn’t even present when the girls got ‘A”s message and we never saw them talking to Aria about it..
(credit to: prettytothegrave)

Aria is suggesting that Jake should get a new punching bag. Is putting knives in it her way of showing, that he should do as she says?

Why can’t Alison trust Aria?

What’s wrong with that picture?
Right, while the other girls are always thinking, sad or angry, Aria is just enjoying her time with Ezra.

Mona collides with Aria & Emily in the Montgomery house and has some rather weird comment on Arias wallpaper. Now she could be referring to the hallways wallpaper, cause they’re standing right in it. What color is it? Right, yellow.
There is a rather known book called “The Yellow Wallpaper”, which is shortly said about a woman who falls more and more into psychological madness.

But if Mona is pointing at Arias bedroom, we see, that it’s kind of yellow as well. And let’s compare the books cover to Arias wall: quite a resemblence, don’t you think? So could that be another hint at Arias mental health status?
(credit to: casua1affair)

Emily is talking to Hanna about ‘A’ breaking down Ems car the other night and sarcastically says, that ‘A’ would be at the Brew later. Well, who sits there a few hours after? Aria!

What does Mona mean by “having an agenda”? Does she know, Aria is the one pulling the strings?

Wow, Aria is having some serious mood swings these days.. wonder where that comes from.

Spencer & Hanna are discussing whether to tell Aria & Emily about their own search parties for ‘A’ and decide not to clue them in right away. But Hanna only explains, why they shouldn’t tell Emily. Why would they wanna hide something from Aria? (credit to: allofthestoriesarereal)

This is not the first time, Aria has been showing her real anger and is threatening someone out in public, violently.

She even becomes aggressive and causes Maggies box to fall down by holding on to her arm. Next second she is the sweet girl again, apologizing repeatly. Guess, your split personality really begins to show, right Aria?

At least, she finally recognizes her true self

This is very interesting now. Aria leds (supposely) her guard down and admits, she has some anger issues, which she needs to sort out. She literally says, she has to let it out somehow. 

After her conversation with Jesse, she leaves, unknown to us viewers, where she is headed.

Meanwhile, Emily is at school, copying some papers, when suddenly ‘A’ is there too and begins his plan of torture! Aggressive music is playing, it’s like horror movie. Emily is freaked out and just before ‘A’ can get to her, she is saved by her dad. The next thing we know, Emily is at Arias. But where she has been all that time is questionable.

By the way, notice the resemblence between the song that was playing and Arias confession? “V for Vengeance / A for Aria”. And the bands name just sounds like “Aria”.
(credit to: anonymous)

Aria seems to take it easy, that Emilys dad almost had a heart attack and immediately “defends” ‘A’. But after everything they have been through, Aria must have realized, that ‘A’ really knows everything, even if it seems impossible. So why defend him/her?
(credit to: missaria311)

Well, you’re looking right at it, Emily.

Aria knows exactly what happened to Hanna. Like, way too detailed as if she was there herself.

Spencer is immediately looking at Aria when she talks about Monsters. A clue?

Lucy Hale discussing her character Aria on Pretty Little Liars being A:

“There’s a whole following of, like, underground following that thinks that Aria could be the ultimate ‘A.’ 
And they have, like, some pretty good theories. I’m always constantly impressed. I mean, mainly because Aria is kind of always missing in action, but I mean her excuse is that she’s always with Ezra. You know? 

But if you notice in a lot of the episodes there will be the three girls and it’s like, ‘Well, where the heck is Aria? Like, where is she?’ Yeah there are a lot of people that think that.”

Again, the Jekyll & Hyde theme (to refer to her MPD perhaps?) 

I’m sure you’d find something.

Aria, the photographer. What coincidence that somebody was taking pictures of Emily, Shana & more when Aria was out in the woods with her camera. You’re not fooling anyone girl.

Moments later, Shauna gets attacked in her car! Of course, ‘A’ couldn’t just leave her there. So it was very important for Aria to get back to her and give Shauna an ‘A’-message: Leave Rosewood and never come back! 

Notice the name “Gadsby”? I’m pretty sure that’s another “Great Gatsby”-referrance. Aria did dress like Daisy Buchanan on Halloween. A clue, that she has a secret lair in the building where Ezra lives.

Ezria had a weird talk about heroes and villains.. did Aria could have possibly referred to herself?

Well, we all know ‘A’ likes to spy on people, even if he/she has to sit in a tree and watch through a window. Is that what Aria has been doing?

'A' knows everything! And secrets are the most important things there is to know, right Aria?

Whoa, Aria, slow down! I thought Alison was your best friend?

The shattered pieces of glass reminded me straight of Aria, when she destroyed her mirror.

"Break a leg"? Kinda reminds me of the time when Hanna got run over with a car and Aria amusingly added the following comment:

I found it really odd, that Aria went straight after the notepad that fell out of Spencers bag, as she and the girls were confronting her about her drug addiction. I would have just assumed it was a normal notepad, but not Aria. It’s like she knew, what to grab to underline the fact, that something is wrong with Spencer.

Aria was snooping around in Ezras cabin, trying to find clues about the things Spencer said about him. She doesn’t find anything until.. she notices a book about grilling meat. Why would she find that odd? Sure, she’s a vegetarian, but Ezra is not. And he even said, it isn’t his cabin, so what would be unusually about that book?

Aria finally finds out about Ezra and his whole crime book story. She wanted to read every single page, but unfortunately dropped them all on the ground. ‘A’ later gets them back. Or should I say Aria? I mean, she was desperate for those pages..

Spencer got her drugs as a “gift” from ‘A’. Aria knew about her addiction and she also used that same sentence once before. Additionally, Marlene King tweeted that sentence when answering a aquestion about Ezria. 

Aria is in Ezras apartment, searching for everything which could be important. At some point, she just loses it. 

But I don’t think, she got upset about Ezra betraying her. She got angry at herself for being so careless. Now there’s a person out there, knowing her like noone else does, and someone who got possibly too close to her secret. Was Ezra onto Aria? Did he slowly find out who she really was? Is that why she was trying to destroy so much evidence?

She even went as far as to burn Ezras notes. Aren’t they important? I mean, I’d wanna know about EVERY SINGLE THING he wrote down. But not Aria. Burning evidence towards her maybe? Just like ‘A’ did at the end of the episode.

When Aria called Ezras book agent, she used (again) another name. I looked up the meaning of the name “Victoria”. This is what I found:

The meaning of the name is “Victory”.
People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths. They’re excellent at analyzing, understanding & learning.

My main point is, that the whole “A”-Team can’t know everything about the liars, unless they had cameras, microphones and recording devices EVERYWHERE. There HAS to be someone on the inside and Aria is the most suspicious one of them all. 

 Besides, “A” didn’t frame Aria for ANYTHING in season 3b, even if “A” had so many opportunities to. The only targets were Emily, Hanna and mostly Spencer. So why spare Aria?

Just a short note: Not all of these pictures I posted are mine. But I can’t find the sources anymore, but I will delete the ones, I didn’t create myself soon.
So if any of you recognize your picture, just tell me and I will give you proper credit.